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If you’re a bird-watcher and lover you will find this blog as a paradise of information, as you will find here everything you need to know about any bird. We are doing our best to provide you with the maximum of the info about each bird from locals.

Bald Eagle vs Golden Eagle

Bald Eagle vs Golden Eagle (Comparison)

Many people find difficulty when they’re trying to distinguish between a Bald eagle and a golden eagle and I was one of them because those species look similar in their physical characteristics In addition to certain behaviors and habitats. As a birding guide with years of birdwatching experience, I will

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Bird-Watching Tips

Bird-Watching Tips | A Guide For Beginners

Birdwatching tours or day trips offer opportunities for birdwatchers to find new bird species to take pictures of them for studying, business or even a hobby. Whether you’re a new birdwatcher or looking to improve your skills to be a professional, this article is for you. I will provide you

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Eagle Vs Hawk

Eagle Vs Hawk: Explore The Differences

In the vast world of birds of prey, eagles and hawks stand out as majestic and powerful aerial predators. Many people often find it challenging to distinguish between these magnificent creatures, as both share certain characteristics. In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between eagles and hawks, unraveling their

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Why Do Birds Spread Their Wings

Why Do Birds Spread Their Wings? (Answered)

I’m sure you have seen birds spread their wings many times before, And you wondering why they are doing this. I’m to give you the reason and explain it to you. Birds spread their wings for various reasons, including thermoregulation to cool down or warm up, drying wet feathers for

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To prep birds voices for the day

why do birds chirp so early in the morning?

Every day when I wake up in the early morning before sunrise going to work, I hear these beautiful and small creatures chirping near my house in trees, and windows, which gives nature a good vibe and it gives me a good start to the day. But there are some

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Falcon Vs Hawk

Falcon vs. Hawk: 8 Differences [Explained]

This world is plain of birds and predators some of these are falcons and hawks which refer to two species of birds of prey that are known for their exceptional hunting skills and eating every small creature in their environment. Many people when they hear Falcon or hawk conjure many

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Desert Birds Of prey

Raptors – Mojave Desert Birds of Prey

If you’re a birdwatcher and you’re a birds lover you should move your focus a little into desert birds especially desert birds of prey, because there are many different species in the desert that I’m sure you will be amazed when you see it on pictures or directly in the

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Cactus Wren

Cactus Wren: Everything You Need To Know

When It comes to Cactus Wren, we are talking about one of the most famous birds in the world especially in the United States. this bird is considered also one of the largest desert birds as it’s similar in size to the Spotted Towhee.

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