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If you are looking for a Merzouga Birding Trip , Look No further than Merzouga Birding that offers the best tours in the region.

About Us

Welcome to Merzouga Birding, your premier destination for extraordinary birding adventures in the heart of the Sahara Desert. Our expert guides and naturalists are dedicated to providing you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the diverse avian life that calls Merzouga home.

Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Morocco, our birding tours offer a unique blend of desert beauty and birdwatching excitement.

Join us on an unforgettable journey as we uncover the hidden treasures of Merzouga’s feathered inhabitants and create lasting memories in this breathtaking desert paradise.

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Tailored Prices

We Costumize Tours and excursions to suit your preferences and needs ensuring an athentic and enjoyable experience.

Small Groups & Undeviduals

Merzouga Birding Can Organize Birding tours groups & Undeviduals.

Fast Booking

You can book your next trip fast, easy, by email or whatsapp

Friendly Guides

Our Guides are highly experienced and friendly, in addition to giving you the rich info about each bird.

24/7 Support​

Our Support team is available 24/7 when you need something or you have any question.

Value Of Money

We provide the best prices compared to the high quality of service to make our costumers feel satisfied.

Importante Information

We will pick up you from the hotel where you are in Merzouga and we will end it in the hotel as well.

Our Merzouga Birding Trip takes 8 hours and 100km around Merzouga including dunes and black desert. We offer comfortable 4×4 vehicles to move between dunes easily. The price includes some fruits and one bottle of water.

If you are interested you can book your trip with us easily by email or WhatsApp and we will offer the best prices that will suit your budget.

The Best Birds In Merzouga

In Merzouga, you can find some of the rarest species that live in harsh areas like deserts such as Merzouga, and this is what makes them the best birds you can see during your birding tour in Morocco

The Egyptian Nightjar is a sleepy bird that lives in North Africa and you can find it in the desert of Morocco Exactly at Merzouga with us.

Desert Sparrow is a bird that lives in the desert you can find it in Merzouga. It’s located in places where there is not other birds…

Pharaoh Eagle Owl has a mix between the eagle and the owl that gives it beauty and double Capabilities to survive in desert enviroments.

Cream-colored courser

cream-colored courser

Cream-Colored Courser is a bird that have long feets and neck lives in Merzouga Desert and some parts in Morocco…

Great Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike looks like Desert wheatear but with different colors it lives in Merzouga Desert…

Tristram's Warbler

Tristram's Warbler

Tristram’s Warbler is a popular bird as you can find it in many places in Morocco. Is a loved bird by Moroccans…

Black Wheatear​

Black Wheatear​

Black Wheatear is a bird that you can find in Merzouga and it refers in our culture to the good things when you see it…

Greater Hoopoe Lark is a light and very fast bird that lives in Merzouga Desert far away of the village…

The Desert Wheatear is a beautiful bird that lives in Morocco in the Merzouga desert and is considered a loved bird by bird-watchers…

Fulvous Babbler

The Fulvous Babbler is a small bird species found in the Merzouga region. With its distinctive fulvous (tawny) plumage that gives him an amazing look.

Fulvous Chatterer

The Fulvous Chatterer, a petite avian species native to the Merzouga area, boasts striking tawny feathers and emits a distinctive chatter.

desert wheatear

The Desert Wheatear is a beautiful bird that lives in Morocco in the Merzouga desert and is considered a loved bird by bird-watchers due to its unique coloration.

The African Desert Warbler is a beautiful bird that you can find only in Merzouga Desert and considered one of the rare birds…

Spotted sandgrouse​

Spotted Sandgrouse​

Spotted Sandgrouse is a bird that lives in Merzouga out of the village you can find it near lakes…

Crowned sandgrouse​

Crowned sandgrouse​

Crowned sandgrouse is similar to spotted Sandgrouse which lives also in Merzouga Desert Near lakes.

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