why do birds chirp so early in the morning?

why do birds chirp so early in the morning

Every day when I wake up in the early morning before sunrise going to work, I hear these beautiful and small creatures chirping near my house in trees, and windows, which gives nature a good vibe and it gives me a good start to the day.

But there are some questions that everyone can be already thinking about it. Why do birds chirp in the early morning? How do they know when to wake up? Why are birds most active in the morning?

The reasons why birds chirp early in the morning:

Let’s see the reasons why birds chirp in the early morning every day you go out of the home to work:

1. To Communicate:

Chirping is considered a way of communicating for birds, sometimes we see a group of birds chirping together and suddenly they fly one time toward the same destination. how they plan to do that. so this is proof that chirping is a bird communication tool.

chirping is a bird communication tool.
To mark birds territory

2. To mark their territory:

As we know guys birds are very territorial and they love their territory more than any other creature.

They’re using chirping in the early morning to tell other birds and animals “This is our home and we’re here” to not approach.

and other birds when they hear or see another groupe of birds staying in a place they don’t approach.

3. To prep their voices for the day:

When the dark is still, you hear birds chirping in a slow voice but once the sun rises they chirp fast. and we can take this as proof that these birds chirp in the early morning to prepare their voices for the day.

and that’s something amazing to me and you, because bird chirping gives us a good vibe.

To prep birds voices for the day

4. To attract females or males:

one of the main reasons why birds chirp in the early morning is to attract the other gender another info you may not know is that males are chirping in the early morning.

when the male chirps in the early morning the female becomes attracted and she will look for the male who is chirping because that’s the only thing that attracts males to females to courting.

but when a group of males chirp and comes only a few females that creates a huge competition between males who will court with these females.

5. Feeling hungry:

Usually, when birds wake up in the early morning the first thing they will do is eat to fill their belly but what they will eat? because It’s too dark to hunt. so they may ship in the early morning because they’re so hungry.

when exactly do birds start chirping in the early morning?

most birds start chirping 1h or 2h before sunrise with a low voice, once the sun rises they make their voices louder, and the chirping time depends on many things like the season and type of bird.

The International Birders Day on 13 May always occurs in the early morning between 4-6 am because this is the common time for all types of birds to wake up and start chirping.

Why Birds Sing Loudly in the Morning?

Birds sing loudly in the early morning because they take a rest all night and they still have the energy to sing loudly in the morning more than any other time of the day. that’s why they sing loudly in the morning.

What kind of birds can you hear in the morning?

When I wake up every day I hear desert sparrow, greater hoopoe lark, Desert Wheatear, and African desert warbler because I live in a desert area but in other places you may hear the next birds:

  • Robin
  • Common pheasant
  • Eurasian wren
  • Blackbird
  • Tawny owl
  • Chaffinch
  • Warblers, including chiffchaff, blackcap, willow warbler, and garden warbler
  • Greenfinch
  • Song thrush
  • Goldfinch
  • Dunnock

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