1 full day Merzouga Birding

1 full day Merzouga Birding is an excursion with a local guide where you will explore the rarest desert birds and learn about their behavior and habitats around the Merzouga desert.

To do the birding excursion in Merzouga for birdwatchers, you must arrive a day before the departure date because you will start your journey early before sunrise. The local guide will pick you up from your hotel and then you will start your excursion by 4×4 car.

Before departing you have to take a sandwich with you to do a picnic in the middle of the day under a tree in the black desert to continue looking for your target birds.

the first destination is a site where you will find spotted and crowned sandgrouses in a small lake where they drink. you will have enough time to take photos of them following are other birds including the Desert sparrow, Greater hoopoe lark, Egyptian Nightjar, Great Grey Shrike, Tristram’s Warbler, cream-colored courser, Fulvous Chatterer, Fulvous Bubbler, Desert Wheatear, Black wheatear, African Desert Warbler, Trumpeter Finch…

in a dried river near the Erg-Chebbi, there is a chance of 30% to spot one of the desert birds of prey such as the Barbary Falcon. After the excursion around the erg-Chebbi is finished you will go back to HassiLabiad located near Merzouga Igran which is a lot of fields where you may spot some birds such as laughing dove, Tristram’s warbler, House sparrow, Black wheatear…

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What to bring with you

Birds to See in Merzouga

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