Desert Sparrow: Everything You Need To Know

The Bird Lives In The Desert:

Desert Sparrow
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The Desert sparrow (Passer Simplex) is a small and old sparrow that lives in the desert of south Africa in some Arabic country like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt… but the most popular one exist in morocco exactly in its southeast. The male of this bird is gray in upper parts, sandy color in the underparts of his body, and a black bib, black lines in front of the head that makes him so beautiful.
and the female has a sandy color in all parts of her body with some white parts in her wings. The female is a long and slim body against the male is Short and fat a little.

Where Does This Bird Like To Live?

to protect themselves from the highest heat or cold they live in Small holes in the walls even if they are close to humans because they live with people and don’t have any problem, I see them sometimes above the walls of my house, and He is not afraid of human movements near him.
Although he is not afraid of humans, he prefers to live in places that are empty and far.

Is This Bird Rare?

this bird is rare and they become to extinct, This is due to many reasons but The main reason for this is the harsh environment that they live in and The recent climate fluctuations that the world has begun to witness recently. which this bird suffers from extreme heat in the summer and a very low degree of cold in the winter.
This type of bird has become extinct in many regions of the world, as it is still only in one region Merzouga, which is located in southeastern Morocco of the African continent.

Why does Sparrow Prefer To Live Far Away?

he lives in places that are far away but many people don’t know why?
this bird doesn’t like to live in areas where other types of birds are present, especially birds that live in cities or villages, which when these other birds come to the place, desert sparrows leave from this place and look for another area to live.

How Does This Bird Live In The Desert Without Water & Food?

he doesn’t live in the desert without water and food but they live by improving some behaviors to acclimate to the harsh environment that they live in. this bird stores water and food during periods of drought and they try to not move much in the summer so as not to consume a lot, as he stays in his house all day and moves only in the early morning and evening when the sun approaches sunset to search for food.

How This Bird Can adapt To The Desert?

this bird is really different and struggling because he lives in the hardest area in terms of harsh climate and heat, which is eat only Insects and some grains found in desert plants but even that, it is still hard because there are not many plants and insects, that refer to Drought and lack of rain in this region, that make the life for this birds so hard.

Is This Bird Has Unique Physical Characteristics?

this bird and other types of birds that live in deserts have high internal body temperatures which they bodies are not consuming a lot of water and their skins are Heat resistant. the holes they build in walls and trees often are cold in summer and warm in winter by using Dry tree leaves in building their houses to be warm in winter and cold in summer.

What Is The Breeding Time for This Bird?

most sparrows are breeding in the spring season when food and water are available. which they are considered this season is the best to provide food and water to feed their young birds.

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